About us

We are present in all stages of our clients' work, providing counseling before, during, and after the conflict.

First, we focus on preventive work. We understand that a lawyer's work is not (and should not be) limited to acting once a conflict arises. In this way, we offer consulting services, risk analysis and conflict feasibility reports in the most diverse areas of law and commerce, especially in the IT and data protection, Construction, Mining, Paper and Pulp, Sanitation and Chemical industries.

In any case, we understand that conflicts, although undesirable, are sometimes inevitable. Thus, we offer legal support to defend your interests in court. We specialize in alternative dispute resolution methods, such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration, through which we can provide quick and efficient solutions to our clients.

We also understand that yesterday's conflicts are a paramount source of lessons for future business. We work together with our clients after the end of a conflict to avoid the emergence of future litigation. With this in mind, we offer companies reports with best practices recommendations, revision of founders' agreements and internal policies, as well as in-house employee training, thus optimizing the workflow and minimizing the risk of a new conflict.

Adriane Nakagawa Baptista

Quem somos: Adriane Nakagawa Baptista Adriane Nakagawa Baptista Sócia-fundadora Doutoranda pela Universidade de São Paulo na área de comércio internacional, com LLM em Direito Europeu e do Comércio Internacional pela Universidade de Leiden, que cursou com bolsa concedida pela Universidade (LExS Gold Scholarship). DPO certificada pela Universidade de Maastricht, Holanda (ECPC-B). Advogada com experiência em…

Alice Granada

Quem somos: Alice Granada Alice Granada Sócia Mestra em Sociologia do Direito (2023) e bacharel em Direito pela Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de São Paulo (2018) e Licenceé en Droit pela Université Lumière Lyon 2 (2018). Possui experiência com contratos corporativos, proteção de dados pessoais e regulação de tecnologias digitais (plataformas, IA, crypto-assets e…